This online exhibition explores the camera phone’s potential as a creative tool through online photography, video and music.  Cal State L.A. alumni, and students share mobile art through this streaming exhibit testing the limits of creative possibilities offered by current hybrid devices.  The exhibitions website address is and the exhibition catalog can be purchased at



california state university

15 Seconds of Fame

Hi-Tech/Lo-Tech/Hi Art

metropolitan center for the arts

During the beginning of January 1995 I invited several artist to work in the computer art studio at Wayne State University.  Most of had never used the computer as an art medium, but were eager to began exploring a new direction in their work.  The exhibition was documented on vhs tape.


June 2008

June 1995

Los Angeles

The Electronic Artist

Detroit artist market gallery

There has always been artist willing to explore new technology.  Artist today are free to select whatever materials they choose.  It is in this spirit that Robert Martin and Jim Pallas curated the Electronic Artist making it a survey of the invention, innovation and application of simple and complex technologies.  Rather than give us a narrowly defined, fixed exhibition of the latest trends in applied technology, they choose some of the more rudimentary collaborations between science and art as well as some of the more sophisticated.


March 1990

9 Afro American Printmakers

wayne state university

This exhibition is a modest survey of the contemporary Afro American print scene.  Artist who make prints are more involved with the conceptual concerns of making art than with technique.  We are fortunate we have universities that employ and promote this way of making art.  This exhibition serves as a major contribution to scholarship in the field of contemporary prints by Afro American artist.  As a participant and curator of this exhibition, I have had the opportunity to become more familiar with the artist and their work.  Many of us were known to each other by name only.  Our means of expression, the print is our common bond.


February 1988

William T. Williams

University of Wisconsin

William T. Williams received a BFA degree from Pratt Institute in 1966 and studied at The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.  In 1968 he received an MFA degree from Yale University/School of Art and Architecture. He is presently Professor of Art at Brooklyn College, the City University of New York, whose faculty he joined in 1971. Williams is a recipient of numerous awards including a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, two National Endowment for the Arts Awards, and a Joan Mitchell Foundation Award. William's has exhibited in over 100 museums and art centers in the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, People's Republic of China and Japan.


February 1979 Exhibition

Mount Clemens art center


January 2000

Electronic Art at the Art Center dot ROM existed as a traditional temporarily installed exhibition and as a virtual exhibition on cd-rom.   All of the artist in this exhibition chose to include technology in their traditional media.  They directed their efforts to extending technology to afford new ways for artistic expression. 

Virtual gallery  under construction

Virtual gallery  under construction

Tension & Temptation

swords into plowshares


February 1989

TNT concentrates on the work of artists for whom the state of mental and social unrest and the vehicle used to entice them are seen as explorations of inner visions.